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International exchange students

Students who are currently or who are intending to spend a period of time on a student exchange at the Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma - UNINT can find information that may be useful for them at the following link.

Overseas students who intend to matriculate at UNINT

Overseas students who intend to matriculate at UNINT must follow the procedure as explained in the following link.

Italian Language course for foreigners

The UNINT University Language Centre (CLA) organises Italian courses for foreigners. The courses are 36 hours long and are available in both semesters. There are two levels, gauged on the basis of the student's initial preparation (beginners's and intermediate-advanced levels).

The Italian course is free for students who spending a period of time on an Erasmus student exchange at UNINT.

Documents required to live in Italy for the purpose of studying


EU students

Students with an EU passport do not need a VISA to enter Italy.
However, if they plan to stay for more than three months, they have to obtain a document called Iscrizione Anagrafica at the office called Municipio di Residenza (check this link).

Extra EU students

Please take a look at the EU Immigration Portal. Here you can find all the conditions to fulfil and the procedures to follow in order to study in Italy for more than 90 days.
Students without an EU passport have to show proof of certified health insurance coverage in Italy (it is recommended to have a copy certified by the Italian Consulate or by the Embassy in your own country). Otherwise, foreign students can buy a private insurance policy before their arrival in Italy.

For the enrolment procedure for overseas students who intend to matriculate at UNINT (excluding ERASMUS exchange students, therefore), please follow this link.

Tax code / Codice fiscale

The Tax code is an alphanumerical code based on your first name, family name and date and place of birth. It is used by the Italian public administration in order to identify citizens living in Italy.

To open a bank account and to sign a rent agreement, it is necessary to have a Codice Fiscale (Tax Code). You can apply for your Codice Fiscale at the Embassy/Consulate (where you also request the VISA) or you can get it directly in Rome, after your arrival.

Support and services provided to students



International students can ask for help in order to find accommodation to the housing office. For further information write to

University facilities

All students are provided with free wireless Internet in the University buildings, an UNINT institutional e-mail account and 400 free copies per month on the student's printer.

Each student has free access to all University facilities: cafeteria, restaurant service, library, garden and to the services listed at the following link.

Useful information


Where can I find the list of the courses?

To have a look at the list of the courses go on our Course catalogue.
Here you have the list of all the courses. Check the ones you are interested in.

How to get around in Rome

For further information related to the city, please have a look at the site.
As for the buses, check the page of ATAC Roma.



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